If you (or your kids) are a dirt bike lover and looking to get one, it is essential to research a bit about the one you’re gonna purchase. You must consider several factors before buying one, and one of them is whether a bike would be suitable for your size or not. This is a tricky question, and having a size chart around could smoothen things out for you.

A size chart gives you the essential details you need while choosing your dirt bike. Following a chart focusing on the size of the body and engine can prevent your investment in these bikes from going in vain.

So, let’s go straight to the definition and more on the dirt bike size chart below.

What is a Dirt Bike Size chart?

Knowing your bike size and capacity is mandatory for both financial and physical safety. A size chart can guide you in making the right decision on getting the bike you’ve been dreaming about.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t know about bike size charts or cc charts; I’ll try to make it easier for you. A dirt bike size chart is simply a chart of a bike’s engine capacity in cubic centimeters (cc). It describes different sizes of bikes and the engine capacity in detail to your appropriateness.

Dirt Bike Size chart: Selecting A Bike According To Age & Height

Dirt Bike size chart for popular bikes

A size chart acts like a directory of choosing the right dirt bike. This particular chart includes the brand name, model, engine size, seat height and pricing of different dirt bikes, which is kind of a head start before buying one. Some charts also show bikes according to the age and height of the rider.

When you have the basic knowledge of dirt bikes, you can spend on your dream bike without worrying about anything. Here is a size chart for you that can come in handy for you while buying a dirt bike. I picked the fan favorite models here:

BikeName SeatHeight(Inches) SeatHeight(cm) EngineSize(cc)
YamahaTTR-110E 26.4 68 110
YamahaTTR-50E 21.9 56 49
YamahaTTR-250 35.8 91 250
YamahaTTR-230 34.3 87 223
SuzukiRM-85 33.5 85 84.7
HondaCRF-110F 26.3 68 49
HondaXR-100 30.5 78 100
KawasakiKLX-140L 31.5 83 140
KawasakiKX-65 29.9 76 64
KawasakiKLX-110L 28.5 70 110
KawasakiKLX-140G 33.9 86 140
KawasakiKLX-140 30.7 81 140
KTM-125SX 37.8 96 125
KTM-250XC-W 37.8 96 250
KTM50XS 26.7 68 49

Dirt Bike Size Chart according to age

If you want to get a dirt bike for you or your kid (under 15), you must consider the age-size factor before buying one.

  • As their first bike, you can give a dirt bike a 50cc engine with twist and throttle, for 3-6 years old kids. This will be helpful for them to learn balance and control over speed. This type of bike can be considered to be the best and safe as their first ride.
  • The next level bike will be a 50cc semi-automatic dirt bike for 5-9 years old kids who’ve learned to balance twist and ride. These bikes have more appropriate seat height for the age group.
  • Kids from 8-11 years age group and who’ve ridden before will easily adopt using a standard gearbox, and for that, a 65cc mini dirt bike is the best option as it comes with the same controls as a full-sized dirt bike. If they are riding for the first time, start with the 50cc twist and go model before trying anything else.
  • Choosing a dirt bike for 11-14 years old kids can be a bit complicated as their height, and weight will differ. 110-150cc, 4 strokes, or 80-100cc 2 strokes bikes will be a perfect match for them. Kids with experience can advance to bigger and stronger engines.
  • Experienced 15-17 years old kids will be mostly riding an adult-sized bike, but less experienced ones will need smaller ones. 125-150cc 4 strokes or 100-125cc 2 strokes are perfect for them.
  • Experienced adults should not jump straight to 450cc race bikes. Start with a 250cc 4 strokes race bike and then gradually proceed to ride powerful dirt racing ones.
Person’s Height Person’s Height in CM Seat Height (inches) Dirt Bike Engine Size (CC)
10-12 years old kids 143 26-31 110/125
8-9 years old kids 133 24-26 110
9-10 years old kids 140 24-26 110
5’2” 157 31-35 125
5’8” 172 34-38 125/150
5’4” 162 33-36 140
5’6” 167 34-37 140/150
5’10” 178 35-39 250
6 foot 182 37.5 450
3-6 years old kids 90-110 23-24 50
5-8 years old kids 120cm 23-25 50


Additional Read:

Why is a size chart important in choosing a dirt bike?

Of course, there are reasons why following a size chart is so important before buying one. Let me explain the facts right below-

To prevent any wrong investment

Knowing the appropriate size of a bike before getting one is really important because-

  1. Bikes are a hell of expensive and
  2. Wrong-sized and powered bikes for the wrong age

So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a bike and not use it, then you must have the basic information on a dirt bike size chart.

To offer Safety

One must think about the safety of the rider before buying a dirt bike. Getting an oversized and overpowered bike for your kid and anyone inexperienced can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Following a size chart will let parents know about the proper size and power of a dirt bike according to the kid’s age, thus ensuring a safe ride for the young ones.

To know appropriate height

The ideal bike for you dear ones should not be too high or too low, not too short, not too long either. Choose a dirt bike that matches your kid’s height. It is a very important factor in riding a motorcycle and an essential reason to follow the size chart.

Adjusting seat height will give you the desired height of the dirt bike. The process should be done without much complication. Check the height by seating on the bike. If your feet touch the ground, then the height is set correctly.

Final words

You must know what to look for in a dirt bike when you are getting one. Following a dirt bike chart can make it much easier than taking action blindly.

Hope this article is able to emphasize on the fact that dirt bike size chart is very important in choosing the perfect bike for your kid. Happy riding!

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