When you’re on a dirt bike, you want to be as fast as possible, speed is a thrilling addiction afterall. Offroading enthusiasts are obsessed with making a dirt bike faster all the time. Today is your lucky day if you are in search of ways to do so.

The best way to make your bike faster is by upgrading it. Adjusting the bike’s carburetor and suspension, changing gears, and adding an entire aftermarket exhaust system will amplify the dirt bike’s performance and make it faster.

In today’s article, I’ll be demonstrating some ways which you can adopt to make your bike faster. So, let’s go straight to the main segment of how to make a dirt bike faster!

How to make a dirt bike faster: Six Effective ways

You need practice to improve one’s dirt biking skill, but you can’t make it go faster through sheer skills alone you need upgrades. Here are some tweaks that you can add to your dirt bike to make it faster:

How To Make A Dirt Bike Faster

1. Installing exhaust system

Upgrading the bike’s exhaust system can be very effective and is the most popular way of making your dirt bike faster. After adding the full aftermarket exhaust system and repairing the dirt bike’s fuel mapping, you’ll notice a significant weight drop, better throttle response, and more power.

The pipes that come with the bike are designed to be fuel-efficient, silent, and okay. On the other hand, the aftermarket ones are lighter and designed to focus on gains. The lightness of weight will improve the bike’s balance and ensure better control of it as well.

The only thing that might not be your way is the pipes won’t be as silent as before- it is going to be louder. But for sure, that “vrooom” sound will definitely give you the auditory experience of riding a faster, awesome, and cooler dirt bike.

2. Gearing up the dirt bike

The next thing that spices up the riding experience is altering the bike’s gearing. It is not a must, but re-gearing does help to adjust your riding style with your dirt bike’s spontaneous movements.

Re-gearing brings a two-fold change: the bike’s acceleration and top speed.

Faster acceleration generates from a smaller front sprocket or larger back sprocket, or both. While an increased top speed capacity comes from the opposite setup.

More acceleration means you hit top speed sooner and that creates more thrill and excitement.

This alteration doesn’t cost much and is simple to do. So, to start with, adjust the rear sprocket by 1-2 points up or down. While you’re altering the sprockets, make sure the chains and wheel alignment are in order.

3. Adding aftermarket Suspension

This might be one of the most expensive and convenient but hard-to-install upgrades there are. If you have a suspension that’s been giving service for quite a while, a suggestion will be to replace that to make your bike faster.

Adding an adjustable suspension will drastically improve the balance of your bike. A new suspension means better handling, better shock absorbance, and better control of the bike. For the procedure, calling the professionals is the best option than DIYs.

4. Taking good care of the carburetor

The way you treat the carburetor also brings a difference to the performance of the dirt bike. The engine might be the powerhouse, but the carburetor is the thing that generates that power in the first place.

Fuel and air gets mixed in the carburetor, it’s a dangerous combo so even the slightest change will impact the bike’s function. You should do your homework on this beforehand.

To start with, you can set the air-fuel mixture and other adjustments by following the user manual. After that, proceed to change the jetting, which can be a game-changer in improving performance. But if you ride a fuel-injected 4-strokes dirt bike, you can skip and move to the next point.

You’ll know it is time to change the jetting when you are running rich or low, and no other alteration can fix that problem. But before that, make sure that the carb and filters are properly cleaned, high-quality fuel is used, and all the other parts are fresh and up to the mark.

Keep the bike running for a longer lifespan of the carburetor.

5. Wheels and tires

At maximum times, the wheels that the bike comes in with turns out to be heavy and comparatively cheap. Heavy wheels do not have springs, meaning the suspension system won’t be effective in negating the bumps and discomfort. Installing lighter wheels can be a great solution to this problem.

Also, wrapping good-quality rubber-made and nicely knobbed tires around the wheels will provide a nice grip over the road and great bump prevention.

Remember, different types of tires have different purposes; if you follow MotoGP or Formula 1, you’d know.

So, buy the ones that meet your requirements and objectives.

6. Upgrading your riding skill

Last but not the least, none of these upgrades will make your dirt bike faster if your riding skill is not up to the mark. The dirt bike itself won’t ride faster if the rider is not skilled enough.

You’re probably thinking I said the exact opposite a few paragraphs before, well it’s a joint effort. You need good skills AND gear for a high octane riding experience.

So, before going through any of these upgrades, be honest with yourself and find out how good you are.

If you feel like you are skilled enough to handle the next-level adventure, get on going with the upgrades. But if you think you can do better, just invest more time in mastering the basics.

You can also take suggestions and help from professional trainers, who are more than happy to help a fellow rider adopt new riding skills.

Always remember, you are not alone. There are more others just like you trying their best to be the best. Never stop trying and hope for the best.

Enjoy Faster Dirt Bike Ride!!

Upgrading a dirt bike is a lot easier than upgrading one’s riding skill. These customization will definitely make the bike faster, but you won’t be able to ride it faster without proper skill.

I can show you how to make a dirt bike faster, but no article can ingrain skills in you, that only comes with perseverance and determination. Good luck and stay safe!

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