Dirt bike riding is super fun and entertaining but can seem a bit scary to learn at first. Teaching a kid to ride it can be a complicated task. With the right tips and tricks, you can easily complete the job, preserving the child’s confidence.

To teach a kid riding a dirt bike, you need to get an actual bike first, give them a basic idea of how it works, gear them up with a protective shield, and get started with the teaching.

Here I will give you 13 practical tips on how to teach a kid to ride a dirt bike to make both teaching and learning easier.

Tips on teaching a kid riding a dirt bike

Learning to ride a dirt bike for the first time can make a kid agitated, but the tricks I am going to share will make them fall in love with this sport. Let us look into the tips in the next segment.

How To Teach A Kid To Ride A Dirt Bike

Get them an actual dirt bike

Many parents think that using tricycles or anything similar is a good starter before getting them an actual bike. If the kid begins with something like a tricycle, they will feel less confident and get nervous about riding the two-wheeler afterwards. It means introducing them to the real deal is a good start before teaching them how to ride it.

Don’t give them one which is too small or too big. Choose a bike that suits your kid, and their feet should always touch the ground. This way, it will be easier for them to stabilize themselves.

You can use a 50cc one (25-40 miles per hour) to start with. These are perfect for the ages between 5-7. You can eventually upgrade the ride according to your kid’s size and age.

Get rid of the training wheels

Training wheels take away the feelings of the real thing. This mechanism can delay a child to balance two wheels, which is actually very important while riding a bike. When you get rid of the training wheels, you open a gate for them to get the balance on their own, which boosts their confidence and courage.

Get them cool and exciting gear to wear

Kids love interesting and exciting stuff. Getting them excited about all the biking gear like helmets and jerseys will take their excitement to the next level. They will feel even more confident before the training, which is an important point to note down.

Teach them all about their motorbike

You’ll have to get the kids to be familiar with the vehicle they’re going to ride. They must know how the bike works; only then they’ll be able to ride it safely. They should have a clear idea of breaking, turning and acceleration, and so on.

Start with a straight dirt road

You can not expect a kid to learn to ride a dirt bike on a complicated track. Riding on a rocky road for the first time will be hard on the kid, and it can even make the child lose interest in the sport! Worse, the kid may feel less confident.  We never start a game on level 50, do we?

Riding on a straight dirt track is the best way to start their training. You can gradually increase the difficulty level accordingly.

Find a large open field with a straight dirt road to train them riding and turning.

Teaching one fundamental at a time

There is a bucketload of info about riding a dirt bike that could intimidate a child if you’re not careful. If you try to teach them all at once, they won’t be able to handle it.

What you need to do is teach one essential thing at a time. This way, the kid will be able to take the learning properly, and you won’t have to worry about overloading them with info.

Controlling the speed

The most important thing to note down while teaching a kid to ride a dirt bike is not to get carried away by the speed. You need to explain to them how high they are allowed to raise the speed. It is important that they know the dangers of riding the bike too fast.

A child should not exceed 30 kph in the first few months of training. More speed than this can be hazardous for them.

 Keep them hydrated

When kids start to learn to ride bikes, they’ll start getting better and having more fun, and they’ll want to ride more often. And the more they ride, the more they’ll need to drink water.

When they are riding, their bodies will sweat from the heat, the grip of a heavy bike, and adrenaline. This can lead to dehydration and make the kids tired easily. Make sure that they drink enough water before and during the training.

Teach them to be patient

Learning to ride a dirt bike takes time and a lot of crashing and falling down. Kids easily get frustrated if they don’t see quick results and may want to stop the training.

It is the adult’s job to keep the kids’ hopes up and teach them to be patient. They need to be open to the idea that it is okay to fall down and it is okay to fail, as long as you get back up again. Make them realize that practice and hard work make everything better.

These lessons will not only make them a good rider, but they’ll also get a life lesson that being patient brings the best result.

Give them encouragement

Adults should NEVER say discouraging things to kids while they are training. Instead, they should inspire them to work hard. Children are greatly affected by what you tell them. It might not mean much to you, but they’d bear it for a lifetime. So, you always have to be positive around them.

You can set a daily goal for the kid to reach, have discussions about dirt bikes, watch dirt biking videos, and so on. You can also introduce them to sports magazines and get them excited about this cool and adventurous sport. In short, make them involved in their training.

Consult the professionals

If you are a diehard biker and want your kid to be one as well, then it is better if you consider contacting a biker group. Consulting a professional will definitely improve the skills of your little one.

Be safe!

Being safe is another thing you must ensure before getting into dirt bike training. Make sure the kid is wearing all the protective gear in the right way to reduce the chances of injury.

Anything can happen at any time. So, don’t take any chances and keep your kid protected from any misadventure.

Don’t forget to have fun

Last but not least, it is all about having fun. In the end, riding a dirt bike is a sport, and sport is created for fun.

Let the kids experience the adventure and the thrill of learning new things. Let them enjoy every little achievement and every crashing with loads of joy and fun.

How old should a child be to ride a dirt bike?

It is a very common question from the parents when they should train a kid to ride a dirt bike. A kid as young as 3 years old can learn to pedal. When a kid can balance, drift and stop, s/he can start on learning to ride a dirt bike with proper guidance.

You can consider starting with a small electric dirt bike. When the kid gradually grows up, you can continue their bike-riding training with a gas-powered 50 cc dirt bike minus the training wheels.

Let’s get started!

Learning to ride a dirt bike is a thrilling experience even for an adult. Teaching it to a kid may seem a bit difficult at first but I believe if you follow these 13 simple suggestions in mind, it won’t be that much of a complication.

Hope you find this article on how to teach a kid to ride a dirt bike valuable and effective. Enjoy bonding with your kid through this audacious and fun sport!

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